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1005 Danby Street
Fairbanks, AK 99701

(907) 374-6688

Cosmetic Dentistry FairbanksDr. Weigand addresses all facets of dentistry with a focus on appearance and function. Aesthetic refers to appearance, and it’s another word for cosmetic. From small problems, like tooth enamel stains and chips, to bigger concerns, like misshapen or oddly spaced teeth, Dr. Weigand takes a whole-mouth approach for treatment planning. She can improve your overall appearance with lasting, comfortably functioning cosmetic dental treatments that will improve your self-confidence and image.

Cosmetic dentistry includes white fillings and porcelain crowns, which we produce in-house with exciting CEREC technology. If you have amalgam fillings or crowned front teeth, and your smile simply does not look natural, cosmetic dentistry will restore your all-white, shapely smile.

We offer the potent Deep Bleaching® technique for teeth whitening, which yields phenomenal results. A smile makeover with porcelain veneers can change virtually every aspect of a smile, including shape, color, and size. In some cases, orthodontics or cosmetic bonding are ideal solutions to correct aesthetic flaws.

Dr. Weigand will become your personal, experienced smile consultant. She’ll review your records, listen to your concerns, review before-and-after photos of similar cases, and work with you to design treatment that meets your unique needs.

You deserve a smile that lights up your life! Call our Fairbanks dental office today to reserve your personal consultation with Dr. Weigand. We don’t want anything to stand between you and your ideal smile and optimal oral health. If finances or comfort concerns you, please tell us so that we can design a treatment plan that suits your unique needs.

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