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1005 Danby Street
Fairbanks, AK 99701

(907) 374-6688

There is a large percentage of the population who desire an approach to dentistry that is gentler and more preventive in nature than the standard conventional methods. These patients are interested in dentistry that focuses on healing the mouth as well as the rest of the body without the use of toxic restorative materials and chemicals.

That means opting for biocompatible, metal-free, mercury-free and BPA-free with a greater emphasis on caring for the whole mouth and controlling infections in a manner that won’t harm the rest of the body.

Our philosophies are guided by the following principles:

  • Voluntarily abstaining from dental materials and procedures that can be harmful or toxic to the body.
  • Consideration for the ways that how we take care of our oral health can impact the rest of your body such as your heart, chronic headaches and your immune system.
  • We believe that the state of your oral health can be influenced by nutritious eating habits and the removal of certain foods or habits from your life.

Dr. Weigand is well-versed in holistic dentistry and has years of experience to back her up. We’ve been saying for years: “No Mercury, No Metals, No Kidding!”

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