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Digital X-rays

Digital X rays FairbanksDr. Barbi Weigand uses digital X-rays because they improve the quality of dental care by providing clear, instant images. They also emit up to 90-percent less radiation, so they are safer for you. We can send digital X-rays to your specialist or insurance provider via the Internet for ease and security. Digital X-rays are even environmentally friendly in that they do not require development chemicals, an environmental hazard.


Dr. Barbi Weigand has incorporated the best new technologies in her practice to provide comprehensive modern dentistry to her guests. Early detection is key to preventing more widespread damage to tooth structure, and laser technology can now be used to identify cavities before they become larger. The DIAGNOdent is a device that scans teeth with harmless pulses of laser light to detect decayed areas under the hard outer surface of the tooth. With this device, we can restore damaged areas of the tooth before they become larger and require more costly and extensive treatment. Plus, you spend less time in the dental chair!

Laser Dentistry | DIAGNOdent Fairbanks


Dental lasers use powerful, focused light to treat various dental problems. Human tissue absorbs the laser light, and cells gently break apart. Laser treatment can focus on a specific area, such as gum tissue, to provide non-invasive surgery that does not require stitches and produces minimal bleeding and swelling. Laser technology can reshape healthy gums for a fuller smile or remove diseased gums in the wake of gum disease; it can decontaminate infected areas, and even treat cold sores. Our dentist often uses a dental laser to create precision-fit restorations.

You deserve a smile that lights up your life! Call our Fairbanks dental office today to reserve your personal consultation. We don’t want anything to stand between you and your ideal smile and optimal oral health. If finances or comfort concerns you, please tell us so that we can design a treatment plan that suits your unique needs.

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